Battlefield 3 outperforms the competition with the power of Frostbite 2, the next installment of game developer Dice`s cutting-edge game engine. This cutting-edge technology is the foundation on which Battlefield 3 is built, offering superior visual quality, a great sense of scale, massive destruction, dynamic sound, and incredibly realistic character animations. As bullets roll, walls collapse, and explosions throw you to the ground, the battlefield is more vibrant and interactive than ever. Can your PC run the latest games in the Battlefield series? Check out the system requirements for Battlefield 5 if you want to play now, or if you`re looking to the future, here are the system requirements for Battlefield 2042. DICE has released the system specifications for Battlefield 3 on PC. With the Battlefield 3 Premium subscription included in this edition of the game, you get a digital service that includes all five themed expansion packs for Battlefield 3, including Back to Karkand and Close Quarters, as well as early access to Armored Kill, Aftermath, and End Game. Together, these five digital expansion packs offer a lot of new content, including 20 new maps, new weapons, more than 10 new vehicles, and four new game modes. You`ll also get exclusive in-game items that aren`t available anywhere else, including the ACB-90 knife, a range of ID plates, and exclusive kamos of soldiers and weapons. Plus, with your membership, you can access powerful new features, such as the ability to reset stats, create queue priorities for servers, and create new stickers for platoon emblems. The system requirements for Battlefield 3 require a minimum graphics card for an ATI Radeon 3000. In addition, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 is recommended to run Battlefield 3 with the highest settings. The minimum storage requirements for Battlefield 3 are 2 GB of RAM installed on your computer. In addition, game developers recommend about 4 GB of RAM in your system.

To play Battlefield 3, you need a minimum processor equivalent to an Intel Core 2 Duo T7250. While an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 is recommended to run it. As an old title, the download size of Battlefield 3 is not too large at around 20 GB. The Special Premium Edition includes a variety of digital bonus items. Check out the full list of these below. BF3 is now almost ten years old, so most modern PCs will have no problem running the game at high frame rates. However, if you`re still experiencing performance issues, here are a few steps to follow. What parameters do you recommend? 1980 x 1080? Or is it too high? I can run multiplayer at 1080p low settings 30fps stable Multiplayer on Geforce Experience recommended settings 1080p with an average of 40 FPS or more.

What settings and fps could I get with my Rig And My Friends Rig that I don`t remember, I`ll see it later and tell you. But it`s a mix of low, medium, high and ultra. 😛 Lately, I`ve been using medium or high settings. I can maximize the game at 60fps stable at 1080p without AA, when I turn on AA then the fps sometimes drop to 55. Thus, you can easily maximize the game with full AA at 1080p and expect at 60fps. There`s a Steam version of Battlefield 3, as well as via EA`s own Origin subscription and game service, EA Play. I can? just a question so I don`t feel worried or paranoid, lol Battlefield 3 is a combined weapon-military shooter, and although it has a single-player mode, the appeal is the huge 64-player battles full of tanks, jets and infantry. A quad-core processor and a GeForce GTX 560/ATI Radeon 6950 are what you need for good performance. The lowest and low-resolution settings are possible. Good luck! Enjoy the total freedom to fight the way you want. Explore 29 huge multiplayer maps and use tons of vehicles, weapons, and gadgets to help you increase the heat. Every second of the battle brings you closer to unlocking tons of extras and climbing the ranks.

So get into the action. With the Multiplayer Preset Kit, you can also jump on the online competition. The kit gives you instant access to items as powerful as heat-seeking anti-aircraft missiles for jets and helicopters, special gadgets such as the defibrillator and TUGS sensor, as well as weapons such as the 40mm grenade launcher, M416 rifle and M249 light machine gun. With a total of 18 weapons, gadgets, and vehicle upgrades, the Multiplayer Preset Kit is the edge you need to dominate the online war. I`m not sure about this man, I get like 80FPS on 1680 x 1050 at medium-high settings that you would probably get as 30 at the lowest with this resolution :/ Can I do this with what parameters? Thanks in advance!! I5 2500K Nvidia 9500GT 4gb Ram doesn`t matter, the resolution is just something to make it work at 30+fps for it Thank you!! Thanks, is there a way to overclock my Intel HD? Lol stupid question, but until I got a new PC, I got stuck with this one. High would be the best for you! I think you could get 60 fps what setting and fps for me in multiplayer. Thank you:) Own more with Battlefield 3 Premium Edition! It`s the ultimate Battlefield 3 experience for everyone from new players to seasoned Battlefield veterinarians. Battlefield 3 Premium Edition features all of Battlefield 3`s controllable vehicles, destruction, and team play, as well as the Battlefield 3 Premium subscription, which includes all five Battlefield 3 expansion packs and the Multiplayer Preset Kit to balance the playing field when you connect to multiplayer. With the Battlefield 3 Premium subscription, you get a digital service that includes all five themed expansion packs for Battlefield 3, including Back to Karkand and Close Quarters, as well as early access to Armored Kill, Aftermath, and End Game.