To get a job at BDO, you must first start your online application by filling out an application form and sending it to the recruitment team. To apply, you will need to upload your CV, which includes all your academic qualifications and work experience. They are asked questions based on their first online application, their academic and professional background, and their personality. Upon receipt of your request, you will be asked to take online proficiency tests. Once the application is successfully submitted, a member of BDO`s recruitment team will review it and then contact you to continue the recruitment process. The company`s hiring process is provided in detail, and there are specific instructions on how to successfully go through the process and get hired at BDO. When performing the exercise in the tray, try as much as possible to reflect these skills. Have a clear strategy on how to merge all these skills into your performance. We pride ourselves on an environment where our employees can build strong connections and meaningful relationships. Working at BDO usually comes with a variety of benefits, including at least 25 days of vacation, income protection, life insurance, and retirement. It takes more than an affinity for numbers to succeed at BDO. Plus, you need to know BDO`s main goals and what they really want to expect from an employee. The management treats everyone with respect and also supports them individually in the execution of the order.

Various questions are asked, all of which depend on the position you are applying for. At BDO, we value providing mentorship, flexibility and learning opportunities to our interns and beginners. The BDO Assessment Center presentation is a time when you need to present a business presentation to your reviewers or simply to a BDO manager. Law firm among the organizations known to help fathers to be equal parental partners After the online skills tests, candidates who have achieved good results are invited to an interview. A collaborative culture where you are a name, not a number. The company had member companies in approximately 160 countries around the world and, as of 2017, more than 80,000 employees and partners. Before a candidate is interviewed, he or she will attend a short presentation. This presentation will allow him to learn a lot about BDO. BDO is a thriving institution known around the world. Thousands of employees have had the privilege of getting jobs and building successful careers.

Some candidates who participated in the assessment centre exercise complain that the interview in the second round was very difficult. You need to make intensive preparations for this to succeed. As an employee, there will be many ways to build and have a successful career. At BDO, every customer`s voice and opinion matter. After the presentation, you will be interviewed by a BDO partner. This is usually the second round of interviews and the final part of the assessment centre exercise. The exercise usually lasts about an hour and reviewers look for skills such as problem solving, customer service and written communication, as well as accountability for results. Audit Supervisor: This person is responsible for participating in the implementation of BDO policies in an action plan. The interview is almost the same as the first round interview, but more difficult.

It is also responsible for reporting to the Head of Division on audit tasks that have been properly supervised. The test is used by recruiters to eliminate inappropriate candidates and then get well-qualified candidates. Accounting Technician: This employee is responsible for preparing and drafting financial statements, working papers and tax returns to accumulate and verify commitments for the company`s clients. In addition, it is the number 5 network of professional service providers in the world. Senior Audit: This person works professionally on engagement tasks as well as compilations, reviews and accounting assignments as well as corporate and individual tax returns. Before you take the skills test, the recruitment team will send you practical questions. It is recommended that you take these practical tests seriously, as your results will determine whether you are qualified for the real skills tests. After passing the practice test, you will be contacted and given detailed instructions on what the tests are and how to take them. Some roles in the company have technical questions in the interview that relate to accounting, data analysis, and the technologies used at BDO. You may also need to present your work portfolio in an interview with BDO. The assigned group task is a business client for which you must have a thorough knowledge of BDO services. At BDO, we understand that exceptional service to our customers begins and ends with exceptional respect for our employees.

To succeed in this interview, you need to understand how important competence and value are. He or she also has the responsibility to establish good working relationships with the company`s clients and assist them with accounting, data entry and accounting software. Despite all the pleasant benefits BDO offers, some former employees of the company complain of a lack of loyalty and recognition of hard work. Committed to creating great career and development opportunities. The test is quite brutal and most participants find it an unfair process. The orientation process for newly hired candidates at BDO is usually done so that they (new employees) can familiarize themselves with their duties, departments, colleagues, and company policies. The realization that your career with us is only an important aspect of your life. BDO is a multinational network of public consulting, management, audit and tax firms. It was formerly known as Binder Dijker Otte. At BDO, we believe in recruiting people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives and perspectives. But there are a few things that all strong BDO candidates have in common.

They seek the resources and diverse client portfolio of a global company with flexibility and a culture of people. They are born entrepreneurs who want to build business and stimulate growth. In short, they are trying to take responsibility for their careers. Here`s what it takes to join the BDO team: Strong communication skills. We are a company of people. While technical skills are a must, strong candidates also possess the interpersonal skills needed to work well with clients and employees and communicate effectively with all levels of management. And as all great communicators know, that means listening. Strong work ethic. Take the initiative. To succeed at BDO, you need to be motivated and ready to seize new opportunities.

In fact, you should be delighted with them. Ability and willingness to learn. Our company is constantly evolving. Regulations are constantly evolving. What works in one industry doesn`t necessarily work in another. Strong candidates are motivated to learn new skills and have the desire to grow, build and continuously improve. Skills to build relationships. We said it above, and we will say it again: our company is a company of people. BDO is looking for people who build strong networks and are able to build relationships at all levels – inside and outside the company.