With 236 places available in the program, the admission requirements in recent years have been: 520 points in 2017; 2018,511 points; 2019,519 points; 543 points in 2020. Please note the special admission requirements for the Graduation Certificate – OC3/HD3 Mathematics or GCSE – Grade B Mathematics Please visit the Study at Trinity website for more information on admission requirements. You can only choose a course of study that corresponds to what you have chosen in previous years, i.e. the modules selected in a given year can determine the range of modules available to you in subsequent years. Requirements for those starting the course before/after 2019 can be found here. If you don`t meet the entry requirements for this course, you should consider one of these courses from another institution: given the trend in CAD points requirements in 2021, there is a chance that it could get a staggering 550 points score in August of next year and not receive any offers. For example, Business and Management at TU Dublin offers a year for an internship in companies working in all major business areas, from financial services, pharmaceuticals, retail and ICT to consulting, or a year abroad at another university. 2022 2022 ROUND 1 ROUND 2 RCSI University of Medicine & Health Sciences RC001 Medicine – Undergraduate Entry (HPAT required) #741 * # 740 * RC004 Physiotherapy 589 581 RC005 Pharmacy 613 * 613 * RC006 Advanced Therapeutic Technologies 487 RC101 Medicine – Graduate Entry (GAMSAT required) Go to Level 8 List of Institutions. The National College of Ireland also offers specialist degrees in human resource management and industrial relations, as well as degrees in accounting, finance and business programmes. It`s perfectly legitimate to study UCD or Trinity and identify a business degree as your preferred course option. If your son wants to stay in Dublin, there are a number of business degrees that he could and should list on his CAD form.