Edinburgh, Midlothian UK For more than 300 years, Edinburgh Law School, part of the world`s largest University of Edinburgh, has trained some of the world`s best lawyers. Edinburgh Law School has close links with the legal profession in Scotland and beyond. youtube.com/channel/UCtVM. + Follow 1 Video / Term – Receive Dec 2014 Email Contact This channel is again one of the most watched channels on Youtube by law students, CS students. The main topics covered on this channel are company law, economic and commercial law, industrial labour law and general law. US Rabalais Estate Planning, LLC, is a law firm specializing in estate planning and administration in Louisiana. Since 1991, Paul Rabalais has been helping individuals, couples and families in Louisiana resolve legal issues to protect what they have. youtube.com/channel/UCkYr. + Follow 9 videos / Quarter in August 2016 Receive an email Contact us This is one of the most authentic and easy to understand legal YouTube channels for law students and professors.

The videos were created by Beau Baez, who has trained thousands of law students and aspiring lawyers. The channel is specifically designed to help students pass exams, excel in the classroom, and pass bar exams. It shows how to write better legal essays, systematically debate disputes and other important tips and advice about the profession. Stanford, California, USA Stanford Law School inspires new ideas, explores innovative interdisciplinary solutions, and cultivates in tomorrow`s leaders the skills, values, and visions to influence the future. Our faculty members are redefining legal education and promoting the profession through scholarships and as important voices in public and private debate. youtube.com/user/stanfordlaw. + Follow 30 videos / quarter to Nov 2007 Getting an email Internet Contact really brings a revolution in people`s lives, because thanks to the Internet you can learn everything around the world with just one click. For example, Youtube is one of the most visited websites in the world because of the content it shares with the world. On Youtube there are a variety of channels ranging from entertainment to learning that you can find, in my previous article I had written about the 15 best YouTube channels for legal updates from around the world, now in this article I have listed the ten best YouTube channels about law in India that you should subscribe to to refresh your legal knowledge. A channel is missing here. India Top Low Channel Fax India More than a fun diversion, these best YouTube channels for law students can keep you up to date with what`s hot in the legal profession. Prepare for your bar exam and provide excellent advice if you find a particular area of law difficult.

The Self-Defense Act Youtube channel provides education on the principles and applications of the U.S. Self-Defense Law. This is done mainly through video lectures, which are available in the law of self defense institute`s playlist. youtube.com/user/lawofselfde. + Follow 1 Video/Day at Sep 2013 Receive email Contact Kensington, NSW UNSW Law sets the standard for Australian legal education, research and public engagement. Our graduates have flexible skills, critical perspectives and a broad horizon. youtube.com/user/unswlaw/videos+ Follow the email contact on: Learn Law Better does what it says: learn more about the law, better. What exactly is better is a mystery, but looking at this channel`s virtual cash registers, it`s no wonder it`s one of the best YouTube channels for law students. This is certainly a blessing for all serious lawyers and passionate lawyers who intend to keep abreast of news and facts. Bloomberg Law is the flagship legal services channel of Bloomberg BNA, a source of international information on legal, tax, regulatory and business standards. Integrated legal research as well as business intelligence can be studied through their videos, making it one of the largest legal YouTube channels with more than 15,9,000 subscribers worldwide.

The Inside Man powered by JMW Solicitors is a legal insider who speaks to the firm`s lawyers about the latest news and developments across the legal spectrum to simplify some of life`s most complicated topics and provide practical legal advice via video. Dominic Walker is Inside Man from JMW. A lawyer specializing in media, data, reputation management and sports law with a background in radio, Dominic has his finger on the pulse of the law and is ready to get explanations and comments from his colleagues on the latest news and developments. youtube.com/c/JMWInsideMa. + Follow 3 videos/day Receive email contact This channel includes videos from the University of Virginia School of Law covering student life, faculty research, news and more. Founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson, the University of Virginia School of Law is consistently ranked among the top law schools in the country. youtube.com/user/UVALawSc. + Follow 4 Videos / Month to Feb 2008 Receive Email Contact The premium university is famous for its interdisciplinary environment, common degrees and certification courses in various fields. Their legal YouTube channels teach some of the beautiful theories regarding criminology, public law, bioethics, business standards, and other regulations. The videos on this channel aim to provide sufficient information and notes to law students and the public interested in international studies and law. Towson, Maryland, USA As manager of the law firm Saint Yves, lawyer Marie-Yves Nadine Jean-Baptiste focuses her legal practice on estate planning and administration as well as taxes.

Based in Towson, Maryland, Marie-Yves is passionate about providing a better future for those in need of legal services and protection. Lawyer Nadine Jean-Baptiste believes that proper representation cannot make the legal process so scary. Marie-Yves is admitted to the Maryland Bar and the U.S. District Court. youtube.com/channel/UC_b1. + Follow 1 video/week Email Receive Contact My Law is one of india`s fastest growing YouTube channels. In this channel, you will find interviews with various legal eagles in the legal industry that will show viewers how to succeed in the legal field. The language mode of this channel is English. San Francisco, CA Our law firm handles software audit and infringement cases, federal copyright infringements, Cases of Illegal Downloading of BitTorrent Movies, Publishing Rights, Technology and Social Media Law, as well as allegations, licenses, and audits of real estate agents. youtube.com/user/AttorneySte. + Episode 1 Video / Week at Jan 2012 Email Contact Chicago, IL Northwestern Pritzker School of Law (formerly Northwestern University School of Law) enables students to face the challenges of the complex, competitive and ever-changing legal and business world.

youtube.com/channel/UCNFI. + Follow 1 Video/Month – Receive Dec 2014 Email Contact Pssst: Are you collapsing under the pressure of choosing a bar review course? I mean, it could just make the difference between succeeding and failing! Well, don`t worry, we have the best advice here in the Brainscape Law Academy guide: « How to Choose a Bar Review Course ». Kingwood, Texas, USA This channel is for anyone who needs practical and immediately useful answers to frequently asked legal questions. It is not for lawyers and jurists. Andrew Williams is a Board Of Directors Certified Criminal Specialist with an active litigation practice. He has defended people accused of everything from minor traffic violations to capital murder. youtube.com/c/THEFEDORALA. + Follow 1 video/week Receive a contact via email Can you imagine this? Learn and remember legal content twice as fast? You can use all that free time to color your education with Brainscape`s best YouTube channels for law students.