PathLegal is a directory of leading lawyers in India. It would also offer online legal advice, telephone advice, free legal advice in India, free LPO training, legal documents, a free legal case management tool and many other legal software. PathLegal has published detailed online LPO training material for free. Law students can gain LPO knowledge with their legal program. PathLegal WebApp enhances a lawyer/law firm to have and maintain a digital interaction with clients. It is a comprehensive legal news portal that provides you with the fastest court updates. It started in 2013; It is one of the fastest growing legal portals, covering the latest legal news, Supreme Court updates, articles, and legal events. Although it usually focuses on live coverage of the courts. It has many eminent judges and seasoned lawyers on its editorial advisory board. They also have an app that keeps you informed with all the legal updates you need. New Delhi, Delhi, India Bar & Bench is a comprehensive information and analysis portal for the legal community in India. Bar & Bench offers the latest news, information, interviews and columns covering the entire legal spectrum. 353.4Kâ 495.2Kâ 30.9K â 6 Posts/Day Receive Email Contact India We are the leading divorce lawyer, criminal defense lawyer and civil lawyer/lawyer in Kolkata. Advocate Shilpi Das & AK Legal Advisors or RD Lawyers & Associates provides fast and efficient access for a hassle-free solution of all types of legal services. advocateinkolkata. 920â 7â 11 â 1 Post/Quarter Receive email Contact India E-Justice India is India`s leading online legal portal for law students, lawyers and lawyers. This blog is maintained by CSM Partners and Associates LLP. The aim is to provide education in the Indian legal sector. This blog offers the cheapest certificate courses in India. This portal offers law school journals, legal news, law articles, a main case summary, free legal advice, lawyer success stories, interviews with lawyers and judges, and information about upcoming legal events. 2.7Kâ 55 to 8 Posts / Month Receive an email Contact There will be information about all the laws in India. This website is a virtual legal assistant for law students and helps you manage your research in the legal field. New Delhi, Delhi, India WHITE BLACK LEGAL ISSN 2581-8503 is a freely accessible, peer-reviewed, peer-reviewed, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to expressing current legal issues, generating a global flow of ideas on emerging topics. 30 Posts/Quarter Email Receive Contact Lawctopus is a website exclusively for law students.

He advises students on their careers, internships and other opportunities they can seize. It is one of the most popular and reliable websites. Westlaw Asia India & International is one of the most important online legal advisory services for lawyers and jurists. It provides quick and easy access to West`s extensive collection of laws, case law documents, public documents and other legal resources, journals and legal overviews published worldwide. The main legal documents are available in the jurisdictions of the United Kingdom, the United States and Commonwealth countries. In addition, it offers proprietary database services. Information resources on Westlaw Asia include more than 40,000 databases on jurisdiction, state and federal laws, administrative codes, newspaper and magazine articles, public documents, legal journals, legal overviews, treaties, legal forms and other information resources from India, Australia, Canada, of the United Kingdom and the United States and the European Union. These are IP databases that can be accessed in secure IP ranges.

Over the past 11 years, this website has been active in the legal market and offers in-house stories of law firms and history of Supreme Court and Supreme Court litigation. In 2016, he was listed among 30 people who can be observed in the field of law in Asia. It also covers the news, columns, interviews, and views of many high-ranking judges and lawyers. It also offers a WhatsApp update feature for its users. There are several categories into which these sites can be divided, but in this article we will mainly divide ourselves into four categories: – LexForti Legal News & Journal contains a wide range of resources that contribute to the understanding of current legal issues. Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India The RMLNLU Law Review Blog is an online publication by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow. The blog claims to facilitate the publication of different perspectives on a range of topics on topics of current legal importance and interest in the form of short, well-founded opinions. The blog was launched in July 2015 and is entirely edited and managed by a small team of student editors from the university. 1.4Kâ 224 â 1 post/week Get an email contact These websites look for legal guides on all standard topics: divorce, IPC, Cr.P.C, labor law, consumers, business, property, etc.

West Bengal, India Law Corner is an online platform. Law Corner provides breaking news, legal news updates, legal articles, general articles and other legal information. 14.4Kâ 195â 514 â 1 post / week Get Email Contact It is an electronic support of the Eastern Book Company – a publisher that has been publishing in India for 75 years. It also serves the same purpose as Manupatra and contributes to legal literature around the world. Its level and the quality of its reports have made it the most popular and cited legal report in all courts. The shadow courts of law schools generally allow SCC case reports and judgments online. The EBC mark guarantees the authenticity, reliability and authenticity of the material supplied to it, thus fulfilling the obligation of the rule of law.