It`s the engine that comes in. BTW I said semi linked photo because my operation photo is not his, what Luke posted is the actual car. I also thought he was still on the red P Luke, didn`t know he was almost far from them. Anyway, it seems like a great idea as I think it could be legal P-flat because the M3 engine in its model is out of the factory and is N/A. So, I don`t think it needs a mod recording. As I said, the NSW RTA does not mention the 200kw limit (the new Kommos v6 are 210kw and still p-flat legal). It has a list of high-performance cars with 6-cylinder engines like the m3, 350z and some Porsche, BUT since the car doesn`t need a mod plate (not 100% safe as the capacity is different), this can be an escape for P-Platers to drive a high-performance car. It`s a completely different engine, so I say it needs a mod recording. But congratulations for him at the wheel of an awesome sleeper-type car. There is another large group of cars that meet the 130 kW /ton rule, but cannot be driven by a P-Plater. The RMS list of novice drivers – Restrictions on high-performance vehicles includes more than 600 vehicles that authorities deem too risky for young drivers. In all of the above states, P-Platers are not allowed to drive a vehicle that has been modified except by the manufacturer. It would take M3 breaks, etc.

for it to be legal. dunno on p legal plate tho. Does it have more than 200kw? Good luck if you get pulled up when you drive this. Just because he came in the same production car, the actual car he walked into, it`s illegal to drive on your P`s. Think of it as turbo/non-turbo. You can`t put an RB25DET in your 33 and drive it on your P because the car was NA. Wasted time, he is pulled up and raped in the ass. There are exceptions in South Australia, such as Victoria, where turbocharged or supercharged vehicles that have low power and are designed for efficiency relative to power are allowed to drive for P-Platers. More information can be found here. Restrictions on high-performance vehicles in South Australia do not apply to P-Platers who are 25 years of age or older or who obtained their P1 or P2 licence before 4 September 2010.

The list is not exhaustive; For example, if you are a P-Plater or a relative or friend of a P-Plater who owns a classic Holden, the 1978 VB Holden Commodore 4.2 V8 is approved for a P-Plater. However, if you want to drive very similar vehicles from 1979 in the VB series to VH Commodore, they are not on the list. In South Australia, restrictions on high-performance vehicles are mandatory for P-Platers under the age of 25 who obtained their P1 driving licence on 4 September 2010 or who were disqualified and returned to driving on or after 4 September 2010 with a P1 driving licence. Well, as he said, they don`t have the 200kw rule in New South Wales, although they don`t need a mod disc, would definitely want to make sure it`s fair, although the reasoning seems solid. I love the BMW e46 m3 such a large car The list of registered vehicles can be viewed here and more details about Queensland P-Plate vehicle restrictions can be found here. The landscape has changed for P-Plater, with some states limiting which cars can be driven on a power-by-weight calculation. If it is a question of combating the over-representation of young drivers in road accidents, the rules themselves are far from simple. The same rules apply to Victoria, except that there is no general exemption for diesel vehicles and Victoria also puts certain high-performance naturally aspirated six-cylinder engines on the prohibited list. Some compressors or turbocycles can be driven by a P-Plater.

Here you will find the database of prohibited vehicles in Victoria and more general information on restrictions on P-Plate vehicles can be found here. Holders of a P1/P2 licence are also not allowed to drive the following 6-cylinder vehicles: * BMW M and M3. * Honda NSX. * Nissan 350Z and 370Z. * All 1994 Porsche models (except diesel). * Mercedes Benz SLK350 Oh wow, so we can drive a Carrera like this that reaches 100 in about 5 seconds with a rear-engined and rear-wheel drive layout known for wrapping wealthy stockbrokers around the tree. These can be for about 50g and are n/a six courses, so they are P-flat legal.but we can`t drive an 80s supra in all its glory 108kw, it slows down in about 10 seconds. Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia have restrictions on P-Plate vehicles, while P-Platers in the ACT, the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania are not limited by power restrictions in weight.

P license plate holders in these states and territories can drive anything an unrestricted driver can in the vehicle`s registration class with less than 4.5 tons of GVM.