The Excel app can only be used for free on devices up to 10.1-inch screens. With Office 365 Education, Microsoft offers a free solution for students, teachers, and students who want to cover their Office needs efficiently and cost-effectively. You can find more information about this offer in the guide. You can read more about this in the Microsoft Office guide for free on this page. OpenOffice, the famous free office contest, continues to offer everything you need for everyday office work, from the writing program to the spreadsheet to the presentation. Yes, Microsoft Office is free, but not in the full version of the suite. The browser version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can be used for free with a Microsoft account. More information can be found in the guide. For more information about Microsoft Office for free, see the Guide. Try the alternatives.

Is Microsoft Office available for free? There is no need to buy the expensive Microsoft Office package for the computer to create documents in everyday life. In most cases, free alternatives are easily sufficient. In this list, you will find 100% free alternatives to Microsoft Office. Microsoft makes its Office suite including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint available on the website (formerly known as Excel Web App). All you need is a free Microsoft account, a browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and an internet connection. Compared to the payment variant, the range of functions is significantly lower. There are charts and formulas, but no conditional formatting, SmartArts, or PivotTables. In addition, the application responds quite slowly in the browser. More and more people prefer this version of Office because we are no longer connected to devices. MS Office Free Download is available via this link. LibreOffice is a free and open-source office suite that works with all Microsoft Office file formats. The suite is based on OpenOffice and started independently in 2010.

See the guide for more information. Calligra office software is aimed at creatives and overlaps with Gimp software. Calligra also comes with applications comparable to Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Office formats can be opened, but not saved. This is a drawback, which is why many people opt for the Free Office option rather than Free Office. In general, buying directly from the is more expensive and you can expect better prices in retail (Saturn, etc.). The best prices can be found, for example, via the Idealo price search engine. The question remains whether the software is purchased as a subscription or as a one-time investment.

For private users, the subscription model is not financially profitable if you plan to use the software for more than two years. The free versions of Office are described below. Yes, students often come to Microsoft Office for free, which means the « real » full-fledged Office package. Behind this lies Microsoft`s extensive commitment to education. Your university or school should have the necessary information at your fingertips. Typically, you should register with the school`s or university`s email address on this Microsoft site. Microsoft Office with Word, Excel and PowerPoint is the reference for Office. In companies, there is hardly any way around it, for private users it looks different. There are lite versions of Word & Co. that you can use for free. In addition, there have been powerful alternatives to Microsoft Office for years, which come quite close to the functionality of the original for free.

The free Office guide is updated regularly. Important link: « FreeOffice 2021 » offers a completely free and complete office suite with all the features you need to work. The Office application is a good addition to your Microsoft Office suite. With the app, you have access to the most important functions of web applications anytime and anywhere. You can also save or edit content in OneDrive. More information can be found on this page. You can read more about this in the Free Microsoft Office Guide on this page above. Many think that Microsoft Office is far too expensive and therefore you have to do without it.

But that`s not true! Thanks to Microsoft`s commitment to education, students can get Microsoft Office for free. The school or university concerned must provide the necessary information. Typically, you only need to sign up with the school`s or university`s email address on Microsoft`s website. Look above in our guide in the section: MS Office for Education. Yes, although that doesn`t mean the full-fledged office suite, which continues to cost money. But what is there is Microsoft Office as a free browser version. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can be used for free in the browser via a Microsoft account. A second possibility are apps, which can also be used for free with restrictions. For mobile phones and small tablets, Office is offered for free, but with a screen diagonal of 10.1 inches subscribers, the editing feature is no longer free. Then, you must already be subscribed to Office 365 or Microsoft 365.

Have you come across the very, very cheap offers on eBay or Rakuten? Office 2019 Business is available from €5 as a one-time payment, including all updates. How can the Office package be so cheap and is it even legal? The business model is as follows: Microsoft offers volume licensing for large enterprises so they can easily install Office on hundreds of computers. eBay sellers obtain these volume licenses and resell them individually. In doing so, they violate Microsoft`s guidelines. On the other hand, eEbay resellers invoke their European right to sell used software. We cannot give a legal assessment at this stage because we are not lawyers. Do not hesitate to share your experience with us in comment. In any case, the safest method is to buy an official license in regular retail stores or on Microsoft Office is the common software in businesses and government agencies. There are free alternatives, but many people wonder if Microsoft Office is free. There are several ways to use software such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. In this guide, you will find all your answers.