According to the above provisions, employers are required by law to consult all designated representatives in their workplace. Thank you for your comments. I fully agree with your approach. Developing your own registry is tedious and time-consuming, but I think it`s worth it as a meaningful learning experience. A third-party review is then a very good idea as an exam. In next week`s blog post, I address the issue of compliance with legal requirements, which is the natural consequence of the registry development process. Feel free to contact me at and we can continue to chat offline. Greetings. The Act imposes a legal duty on employers to ensure, to the extent possible, the health, safety and well-being of workers and to ensure that workers and others are protected. What are the legal requirements of a health and safety policy? A good health and safety policy offers many benefits, including clear communication of your health and safety management.

It is also a legal obligation. It is required by law for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Security guards can address any concerns and have the right to: The Federal Register is a legal journal published every weekday by the National Archives and Records Administration in federal news. It includes federal agency regulations, proposed rules, public announcements, executive orders, proclamations, and other presidential documents. You will find that some articles are very specific to a single HSE topic and/or requirement, while others are general in nature or have many different subsections related to different topics and/or requirements. In each case, name each article and the specific clause(s) related to HSE requirements and note them in the Summary worksheet. Take a look at some examples from the Afghanistan Register below: Hard copies of all relevant requirements can usually also be obtained from various government agencies or libraries. Hi I hope you are well, I am a student would like to become a health and safety officer I have a task that must make me a legal register, a compliance checklist and deviations Admittedly, I have exaggerated the simplicity of developing such a register. A legal registry for Afghanistan was as simple as it is – due to the lack of laws and regulations – and yet even it takes a lot of time and effort to create. The time and complexity would increase many times for those creating a registry from scratch for a more developed country with more comprehensive HSE laws and regulations.

But if you have the time, desire, and expertise, I encourage you to do it yourself, as you will learn a lot and gain considerable knowledge that will be useful for your career. If you look at the requirements of the HSWA, you will notice that it requires explanation, organization and arrangements. These are the three key steps of a health and safety policy. The statement serves as an introduction to the policy and describes what it aims to achieve. The Organization or responsibilities section provides information about the structure within the company, who is responsible for what. And the agreements then describe what, when and how your health and safety. What to do, when and how to do the job safely. Thank you for your valuable suggestions for the development of a legal register. Myself Alex, GE Corporate`s EHS regulatory expert in the MENAT region. I have developed many legal registries for different countries in the MENAT region through the development process you explained above and validated each registry with a 3rd EHS expert for content, quality and efficiency before distributing internally. Feel interesting to chat with you to discuss further. Hi Randall, I hope you or someone else with the same knowledge can help me, I am updating my legal register and under the heading SI number, I have a for example (c.456) I do not understand what the c.

represents, since some have it, others do not? While you need to evolve your health and safety policy to meet regulatory requirements, you should also keep in mind that developing a good health and safety policy will also benefit your business through better safety management and accident prevention. Redlog offers HSE legal registration services and is of course happy to help you with your needs. However, for many small institutions and companies in developing countries in Asia, hiring consultants is often not an option due to limited HSE budgets. Note that for the sake of completeness, I suggest that all HSE items be included at this point, even those you know are not specifically applicable to your facility. Two reasons for this: (1) change the company`s processes, make changes and expand so that what is not relevant today may be relevant in the future, and (2) it is much easier to register at this point than to try to go through all the laws in the future to find out if there are other missing articles. The above is not an exhaustive list of legislation applicable to work-related vehicles. Other relevant laws, such as the transport of dangerous goods by road, construction and quarrying, may also apply to your professional activities. An effective HSE management system requires that you have the necessary processes and procedures in place to meet the legal requirements of the jurisdiction in which you operate. These legal requirements, of course, depend on the country of deployment and can range from a handful to literally hundreds of laws and regulations (as explained in detail in previous blog posts: An Overview of Occupational Health and Safety Laws and Regulations in Asia and the Middle East and An Overview of Environmental Laws in Asia and the Middle East).