/en/word-365/how-to-name-a-document-and-save-it-to-onedrive/content/ Use this dialog box to set options for shared workspaces. Printing on the back of paper for two-sided printingSelect this option to print on the back of each sheet if you are printing to a printer that does not allow two-sided printing. The pages are printed in ascending order to correspond to a series of pages whose front has been printed in reverse order. Word 2016 provides a variety of layouts and settings that affect the appearance of document content. Between these settings, you can adjust orientation, paper size, margins, etc. In the Apply To function, select from the options set the pages to which you want to apply the changes made. Click Alignment. A menu of page orientation options appears. It should be noted that the predefined standard format is A4, as it was common. However, at the time of taking over the work that we have done through the printer, we have a lot of options from here. If we select « Many more paper sizes » in the list of formats, we can see a Word configuration window where we can see all the standard formats, modify them and create our own. In the first of them we find the options to configure the margins of our page, orientation, size or if we want to write a text in several columns.

It is still possible to print on much larger paper with a specific printer configuration. However, if our printer does not allow it, the only option is to resize the document in Word. In the Edit Page section, we also find the options for configuring page and section breaks, as well as the settings for enumerating pages. Thus, we can configure the Word page according to the type of document or composition we are going to use and indicate if we want a normal page break, a column, etc. By enabling the Borders tab of the LibreOffice Writer page style dialog, we can set the border to apply to pages of the modified page style. Service Options Click to open the Service Options dialog box. /us/word-365/how-to-configure-the-margins-of-a-document-in-word-365/content/ The ability to customize or format a text file in most cases is to use different fonts, styles, indents, margins, headers and footers, etc. However, it is important that we know some options offered by Microsoft`s tool to be able to apply the desired design to our documents. The Common view displays the format of the article, but simplifies the layout of the page so that it can be quickly written and edited. Normal view does not display page boundaries, headers, footers, backgrounds, drawing elements, and images without line style with text.

On the Format tab, in the Page Setup group, click Size. Notice that a menu with the different page sizes was displayed. If you want, you can click the Set as Default button to adjust the size you`ve assigned to your page each time you create a new document in Word. Enable automatic pagingSelect this option to automatically reset documents while you work. Clearing this check box prevents page numbers from updating until you switch to Design view. Default trayThis option displays the printer tray that is already in use. To continue setting up the printer, choose Use printer settings. If you enable this alternative, the section between the characters may be distorted. You can add background circles, arrows, stars, sandwiches, squares, etc. Simply select the shape from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen and select a color. It`s that easy to change the size and orientation of your Word document! Show vertical scroll barSelect this option to display the vertical scroll bar next to the File window. Use a draft font in sketch and outline viewsOn computers with very limited resources, select this option to speed up the display of documents on the screen.

In the Always or When is selected list, select this option to shade the fields. Up and DownThis option prevents text from snapping to the sides of the chart. Click the OK button. Your changes have already been made. Click the Format tab, and then locate the Page Setup group. Want to know how to set up document margins in Word 365? In the next lesson, we will explain how to do this. As you adjust the paper size, the page size settings window opens immediately. In the Size drop-down menu, click Other Paper Sizes. By default, the page is set to the size of the letters. However, there are other page sizes and metrics that work depending on the type of document, printer, or format of your document.