Most ATVs are not approved for road traffic because they do not meet important road safety standards for motor vehicles. This is what distinguishes street-legal quads. Street approved quads are specified as such, so you know you`re choosing a model that you can legally drive on roads. Quads are among the rarest vehicles on British roads, as they are mainly considered pure off-roaders. However, if a quad meets all safety standards, has road approval and the driver has the correct driver`s license, they are completely legal for road traffic. Now that you know some of the requirements of street quads, our guide to the top ten street quads will help you know which one is best for you. Electronic fuel injection, power steering and switchable 4-wheel drive are some of the quad`s premium features. And rightly so, because it`s one of the most expensive options on the list, so you only expect the best technology and features at this price. When looking at legal street quads in the UK, there are many advantages to buying a new one rather than an old one.

When you buy a new vehicle, you have the peace of mind that comes with the manufacturer`s warranty. With the best quads approved for the street, you may even be able to extend the warranty. You don`t have to worry about the ATV`s maintenance history or how the previous owner took care of the vehicle. Whether you are looking for 2-seater street approved quads for sale or automatic street approved quads for sale, check out our selection at Quad Bikes R Us and choose a quality new vehicle today. It`s not the most attractive quad on the list, it looks like a hard worker, and that`s exactly what it is. A knowledgeable carrier with enough grunts to handle any terrain you want to cross. Whichever way you go about it, once you have your ATV ready, you`ll need to register it and make sure it has front and rear license plates, as well as a MOT inspection, taxes, and insurance (you can get a great insurance quote here!). The final requirement to drive your quad bike on the road is a full car driver`s license. Despite the saddle and handlebars, a motorcycle licence is not enough, a full driving licence (or a category B1 driving licence if issued before January 1997) is the only driving licence that counts here. The engine is equipped with a DELPHI ignition and injection system.

The adjustable shock absorber has a preload, a spring stage and a compression stage. The electric power steering makes the bike`s handling smooth and precise. The 14-inch alloy wheels add style and design, while the digital scoreboard makes this bike a 10/10. With two excellent color options, this bike is available in orange and gray. If you want to ride on public roads on a 4-wheeler, you can legalize your quad, and it`s not that difficult. Your quad bike must be taxed, registered with the DVLA, have front and rear license plates, have the necessary lights if you want to use it after dark, be insured and have a technical inspection. You get road tires as standard and full fenders that cover each of them. Road-approved quads are becoming more common as work and commuter vehicles. As an experienced ATV and ATV insurer, we can offer you an excellent insurance offer for your road bike. This economy bike has premium features, including LED daytime running lights, 12V outlet, trailer connection, hitch, and backrest. Looking for a great lightweight quad to take with you on dirt roads? Look no further than the Loncin LX300! This fantastic bike has a compact design that makes it perfect for exploring nature or an easy means of transportation for farm workers. It is also lightweight, making it easy to handle and maneuver.

This street-approved quad bike comes with front and rear plastic top brackets for light work. Fantastic features include LED lights and a digital dashboard. The YFZ450 was designed from the ground up to win races on the track. I`ve already mentioned some of the motorcycle know-how that Yamaha has added to its quads and this model comes full load. Perhaps most notable is the addition of a slip clutch in the SE trim – the first ATV in its class to use one. If you`re not sure what a slip clutch actually does, it essentially eliminates the effects of engine braking on downshifting, resulting in faster gear changes and more control. Yamaha`s ultimate sports model, the YFM700R, is an impressive kit. For starters, the 686cc fuel injection engine offers high performance and the latest version has been optimized for even more torque with increased fuel consumption and lower emissions.