SLS organizes workshops and conferences to educate students about their rights and obligations under the law. ASUCR partners with volunteer lawyers to provide free legal services to students enrolled at UC Riverside. Our lawyers do not provide formal legal representation, but rather educational and self-help services to help and assist students in solving problems. Students are encouraged to seek legal assistance outside of the legal education clinic if they require additional legal support or representation. Scott is a real estate attorney in Riverside with the law firm Talkov Law. Students most often turn to him for illegal detention laws in California, including rent deposit returns and lease violations. Prior to attending law school, Scott attended UCR, where he served as a senator at ASUCR and was later elected to the appropriate position as a student at UCSB. He graduated from Washington University at St. Louis Law School, where he served on the editorial board of the Washington University Law Review. He is active in many groups in the Riverside community and has twice served on the board of directors of the Riverside County Barristers Association. As Riverside`s bankruptcy lawyer, Scott is also the longest-serving board member of the Inland Empire Bankruptcy Forum. Because of his experience as a Riverside business lawyer, he is also available to answer students` questions related to breach of contract, fraud, and other issues that arise. In his spare time, he is editor-in-chief of

As Assistant Director of the Legal Clinic, Scott is available for any comments or suggestions you may have by emailing scott(at). Our mission is to help students resolve or minimize their legal situation so they can focus on school. We do this by providing them with quality legal services through an easily accessible program that meets their needs as clients and respects them as human beings. We also strive to educate students about their rights and obligations, as well as the legal system, through advice and public relations, so that they can avoid legal problems in the future. There are several reasons why a student might need legal help, including: Mark is a civil litigation attorney at the law firm Riverside Best, Best and Krieger. Prior to attending UC Hastings Law School, Mark attended UC Santa Barbara, where he founded the Office of the Student Advocate and was elected student general counsel by the student body. The Office of the Student Advocate is a UCSB student-led organization dedicated to supporting and defending students accused of student behavior and housing rights violations. As a student advocate, Mark has participated in countless student-side disciplinary hearings and worked closely with the UCSB administration to improve the court process and punishment of students accused of student behavior and housing violations. The Director of the LRC Student Unit has compiled the following survey to assess UCSB students` expectations regarding the services they receive from their legal resource center (LRC) on campus. It consists of 13 questions and should only take a few minutes. On a case-by-case basis, we were able to find IP lawyers to support the students. Other studies found that 86% of civil law problems reported by low-income individuals received no or inadequate legal aid.

and 71% of low-income households had at least one civil law problem in the past year. Landlords/tenants: Students were notified three days in advance to complete or terminate alliances. The students wrote a letter after a meeting with the legal clinic`s lawyer. The landlord took the termination as a warning and did not pursue the eviction. -M.S. and H.V.R. students, November 2010. All students must currently be enrolled as undergraduates.

For more legal services and resources, see All UCSB students who have participated in UCSB in the past 20 years, whether or not they have used LRC services, are invited to participate in this survey. One of the main recommendations of the Working Group`s report was the establishment of statewide legal aid centres to support unrepresented litigants. This is how the Help Center was born. And in the first six months of its existence, the Help Center supported more than 5,000 people, which testifies to the need for organization. Much of the visits involve minor claims and disputes between landlords and tenants, but more than 1,000 visitors came to help with garnishments, referrals and other services. Half of the main support provided by the Help Centre was for forms and registrations. One of the best resources on the internet is the Riverside County Superior Court self-help website. This website offers many forms and tips that can help you if you exercise your legal rights without a lawyer. Landlord/tenant: The landlord withheld a rent deposit and asked the student to pay an additional fee for the damage to the unit.

The student filed a refund of a portion of his bond in Small Claims Court based on an improper calculation of damages. Subsequently, the owner discovered his « miscalculation » and will return part of the deposit to the student.