borrowed from Middle French or Latin; Middle French validates « healthy, with legal force », borrowed from the Latin validus « healthy, robust, powerful, with legal authority », adjective derived from the base of valēre « to have strength, to be healthy » – more in practice No specific language is required to do a valid task. Are you a lawyer? Visit our professional website » Literary pedigree is or should be a legitimate concern for any writer or critic considering that writer. Translation of the valid driver`s license, with examples. You can read more about the free online translation of Licencia de manejar/conducir vigente into Spanish and other legal terms here. The Affleck team must acknowledge that some criticism is justified. Free and reliable legal information for consumers and lawyers However, she fell faintly ill with the feeling that there was no valid law that poor Owen could give. Something is valid if it can be supported or secured, or if it`s functional: « She thought her password was valid because she just set it up. » In a legal context, valid means that something is binding or feasible: « At the time of the accident, his driver`s license was no longer valid, so they confiscated his car. » The logical basis of an argument may be valid: « It`s a valid argument that Santa Claus is too big to fit in a chimney. » have legal force or force; Legally sufficient. For example, a valid contract is a contract that has been performed in compliance with all necessary legal formalities and is binding and enforceable by the persons who performed it. At, we pride ourselves on being the leading source of free legal information and resources on the Internet. Contact us.

Meanwhile, Marino promises « radical changes » and promises to review every contract in the city – to see if it`s valid. A valid argument is one based on facts, laws or logic. « Their argument for annulment was valid because they had never met and their marriage was the result of a clerical error at City Hall. » They are often (and for valid linguistic reasons) lumped in with the Bannocks, as Ross did. Men with one voice have no valid excuse for resorting to illegal means to fight their battles. VALID. An act, deed, will and the like that have received all the formalities prescribed by law is considered valid or legally valid. National Directory of Consumer Lawyers and Legal Resources A definition of good and valid is as follows: reliable, sufficient and legally indisputable; adequate; responsible. [1] The Canadian Dictionary of Social Sciences [1] has the following meaning of validity: one of two criteria (the other being reliability) by which researchers judge their results or measuring instruments. A valid result is one that measures exactly what it claims to measure. The use of shoe size as a measure of intelligence is not a valid measure of intelligence.

It lacks facial validity, as it is not obvious that it measures what it claims to measure. A validity test could be the extent to which your measurements allow you to make predictions about future behavior. If your measure of intelligence doesn`t predict how people will perform on exams, then it may not be a valid measure of intelligence. See: EXTERNAL VALIDITY / INTERNAL VALIDITY / RELIABILITY in this legal dictionary and in the World Encyclopedia of Law. And that would be a valid, albeit useless, thing for me. A brief definition of Valid: Legally binding. Properly executed in accordance with legal procedures. Does Kelly Johana have a valid excuse to attend the party with over 60 teenagers between the ages of 13 and 20? The FindLaw Legal Dictionary – free access to over 8260 definitions of legal terms.

Search for a definition or browse our legal glossaries. 1570s, « with legal force, legally binding », from the Middle French valid (16c.), from the Latin validus « strong, effective, powerful, active », from valere « to be strong » (see courageous). The meaning « sufficiently supported by facts or authorities, well-founded » was first recorded in the 1640s. The #1 Spanish Legal Website for Consumers I argue that, from Mill`s perspective, these are all valid reasons why they shouldn`t opt for the higher life. Defense, Directory, Duplicate, Execute, Habeas Corpus, Illusory, Letter of Safe Conduct, Letters of Administration, Responsibility, Open Contract, Examination, Signature, Situs, Special Verdict. When a merry little song was dragged to court. TermsDisclaimerCookiesDo not sell my information directory of US lawyers with exclusive listing Super Lawyers Copyright © 2022, Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved. Notarized, bill of lading, cloud on title, confirmation, , , illusory, incest, violation, danger, judgment in personam, Nisi judgment, lucid interval, negotiable title, Sagittarius, reciprocity, novation, open contract, doctrine of the sight of all, succession, marriage restraint, right of action, subscription, offer, trust.