HR business partners need a set of skills that enable them to communicate effectively and lead within an organization. These capabilities include: This model defined the role of the HRRP (also known as a strategic partner) as an entity that works directly with an organization`s senior management, such as the HR Coordinator. Their task is to align the organization`s business goals with the goals of employees and management within the defined business units. The following image illustrates the model and how it categorizes the different HR business roles within organizations. Een HR business partner is een HR-professional die zich het strakke beheermodel is ontstegen. In plaats van op te treden als een `HR-dienstverlener`, houdt hij of zij zich bezig met taken die van strategisch belang zijn voor het bedrijf, zoals personeelsplanning. According to Glassdoor, an HR business partner in the U.S. can earn an average of $85,425 per year. However, this number varies from place to place (and industry to industry). Therefore, you need to look at the relevant data for your location and see how the average HR business partner is compensated. HRBP is a profession within the broader field of HR.

While a human resources manager can handle day-to-day administrative functions, HRBP typically works directly with organizational leaders and business owners, helping them understand their employment-related challenges and offer concrete solutions. HR business partners are the personification of an indomitable spirit that is willing to take risks for the growth of the company and stay true to its decisions. Agility must be in their blood, as they have to face new tasks and learn from their continuous experience in order to move forward. In addition, an HR business partner is able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each employee and make full use of their abilities to achieve the company`s goals. Depending on Indeed`s hiring resources for employers, HR business partner roles may vary, with some of the most common responsibilities being: An HR business partner and an HR manager are separate roles and represent two different models for delivering HR services within an organization. The work of the Human Resources Manager focuses on policy development and the application of procedures. This position is responsible for systems such as payroll processing, recruitment, hiring, system administration, etc. The HR manager leads the HR department. A Human Resources Business Partner, or HRBP, is a human resources professional who can handle everything from hiring and benefits to compliance and employee relations.

Some employers hire a dedicated HRBP in their HR department for these purposes, while others choose to partner with a professional employers` organization (PEO). Het cruciale punt: de HR business partner draagt `partner` niet alleen in zijn naam, maar vervult deze rol ook effectief. He is always the link and contact person for employees, but also an important training partner for management. The expertise of the HR business partner is considered a valuable and binding contribution for the board of directors, which means that the HR business partner is involved in all important management decisions. HR business partners specialize in understanding the diverse needs of an organization and work with senior management to develop policies and procedures to achieve business objectives. It is their responsibility to help their company achieve its HR goals. Self-confidence and commitment of the future HR business partner to take responsibility and get acquainted with new tasks and tools The most important tool of a company is employees. At the same time, the shortage of skilled workers is one of the biggest challenges for HR. The HR business partner has strategic information to quickly identify bottlenecks, recruit effectively, and ensure employees are hired easily.

In addition, the HR business partner designs retention management based on reliable data from people analysis: after all, high staff turnover is one of the main cost drivers for companies. Imagine how a company that considers its HR department solely as an internal service provider positions itself in the coronavirus crisis. HR managers accustomed to an administrative function must be dynamic and solution-oriented: from their headquarters, they must provide virtually networked teams, remote integration and intelligent HR technologies. Help! In the best-case scenario, HR employees are now in great shape and showing what they have in the house. At best, they have long had reliable « digital colleagues » who take over the administrative work for them and, as HR business partners, are familiar with strategic work and crisis scenarios. What if not? Then it`s high time to use the crisis as an opportunity for fundamental change and focus on HR`s potential as a business partner. The term HR Business Partner is becoming more prevalent in HR circles, in part because of David Ulrich`s HR model. According to many, this is due to the change in the role and position of the human resources department. Where HRM used to be seen by many companies as a support service that costs money, more and more companies are finding that good HR policy actually produces profitable business results. To achieve this, the HRM department must not only continue to work on the operational level, but also have a say at the strategic level. There are three prerequisites for successful development as an HR business partner: In its purest form, an HR business partner is one that looks at an HR department from the outside and, if necessary, adapts it. In fact, HRBP also supports line management in human resources.

So he approaches HR more from a business or social perspective and not just from an HR perspective. The HR business partner, on the other hand, has no administrative responsibility for a department. Your primary role is to work with the company`s management team and department heads to guide and communicate the company`s overall strategy. HR business partners work with the HR department and advise the management team on HR issues and initiatives. You can help develop an HR initiative and strategy that impacts the entire organization. Regular interaction with customers is an important part of a HRBP, but the pace of these interactions depends largely on the individual company and its needs. For employers who want help with HR strategy or infrequent responsibilities, such as training or open registration, quarterly checks may be appropriate. Other employers struggling with day-to-day operations that keep their business running smoothly may need weekly contact with their HRBP.

In order to be considered a strategic business partner and earn an invitation to talk about the future of the organization, a human resources professional must possess certain skills and knowledge. This professional must understand all areas and departments of the business and how HR can benefit from these aspects. The individual is adept at listening to problems and ideas and articulating solutions clearly. If the right employees are on board, as an HR Business Partner, you make sure that everything runs smoothly: the targeted qualification and further training of managers and employees is an important factor. It is not only important to increase productivity and ultimately create added value for the company. Employees who are supported in the company and feel comfortable are also less likely to stay with vacant positions from competitors. Today, many businesses are grappling with the unprecedented COVID-19 situation. They can`t afford to keep their employees, let alone take new ones. Organizations can only cope with such personnel management crises if they have qualified business partners on their teams. An HR business partner helps a company effectively plan its employee relationships and ensure the effective functioning of the human resources department. Teams that work from home overnight and employees who can be the first to turn to HR in a crisis. Given the developments around Corona, it is once again clear what key role the HR department plays in the company.

HR takes care of the most important asset and must therefore play a strategic role. We will show you what the HR department can do as an HR Business Partner and how the transition from an administrative role to a creative role can succeed.