Unfortunately, while the court must consider all factors equally, there may be attitudes left out by outdated parenting methods that emphasize the mother`s role as the primary caregiver of the family. For this reason, when it comes to custody, it is important to have a lawyer who can be your voice in an often one-sided justice system. Pennsylvania law requires that all custody decisions be made in the best interests of the child. Pennsylvania courts often grant joint custody to parents unless circumstances prevent parents from cooperating in these important decisions. Physical custody, on the other hand, is often subject to legal scrutiny and litigation. Let our experience work for you. Whether you`re just starting to negotiate a custody agreement, want to change a custody order, or need to execute an AHR custody decision, we can help. Call us to discuss your case. The initial deposit fee for custody can cost up to $300.

If you can`t afford them, ask the court for a fee waiver. Custody disputes can be resolved by agreement at any stage of the proceedings. In addition to the factors described above in determining custody, there are practical considerations for determining custody. These practical considerations include each parent`s work schedule, whether the children are in school, where the parents live in relation to each other, etc. Whether one parent has primary, joint or partial custody, both parents should agree on a timeline for each parent`s custody. The schedule indicates the days of the week and the hours when parents have custody, including overnight stays. « Sole custody » can also be called « full custody ». While most custody arrangements revolve around the children`s daily routine, it`s important to have a separate schedule for vacations, vacations, and special events.

While parents generally agree to change their annual vacation plans each year, every family is different and parents can structure their vacation plans as they see fit. Similarly, such agreements should specify whether parents may take their children on longer holidays and, if so, for how many days per year and whether this should be done during the planned childcare period. The judge may choose from these types of custody in order to reach a settlement in the best interests of the child. Pennsylvania law states that there is no presumption that one parent is favored over the other. Filing of custody complaint. In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, a parent seeking physical and legal custody must file a custody complaint. The complaint must specify the parents, child or children and the type of custody requested. The complaint is filed with the Montgomery County Prothonotary`s Office and served on the other parent.

As a per se (unrepresented) party, you are subject to the same judicial rules and standards as a lawyer. Familiarize yourself with all the resources available to parents seeking custody and consider hiring a lawyer to advise you on specific aspects of your case (known as limited representation). File a custody complaint with the Common Plea Court in the county where your child has lived for the past six months (or since birth if less than six months old). If the child has moved in the last six months, register them in their former district of residence. For more details on custody, see Title 23, Chapter 53 of the Consolidated Statutes of Pennsylvania. Any parent facing divorce, especially with children, should seek legal advice and representation from an experienced family attorney such as Tabetha Tanner of Tanner Law Offices, LLC, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. With over 25 years of experience as paternal custody lawyers in the south-central part of the PA, we help you prepare your case for custody filing and lay the foundation for cooperative and productive relationships with your ex and children once the divorce is final. When it comes to custody decisions and all facets of divorce, The Guy`s Attorney is always by your side. Schwartz, Fox & Saltzman, LLC`s PA custody attorneys have over 40 years of combined experience helping clients make the custody agreements they need and deserve. Call us today for help with your custody case. Custody arrangements are of great importance to a parent who is about to divorce. In Pennsylvania, this area of law revolves around the best interests of the child.

If separated parents have a work arrangement, they do not have to open a file. However, this allows them to make their establishment legally enforceable through a regulation. In Pennsylvania, the term « shared custody » is a type of custody agreement where both parents have the right and responsibility to make important decisions for their child or children equally. Shared custody can also be called joint custody. Seeking custody may seem like a complicated matter. The Guy`s Attorney helps simplify it by clearly explaining what types of detention are allowed under Pennsylvania law and how you can determine which one is best for you. Custody can be granted in two ways: it depends. The court will consider many factors in determining custody. Depending on the age, intelligence and maturity of the child, the child`s preference may be taken into account.

Other possible factors include the work schedules of the parties and abusive behavior of both parties in the past.