The District Court is held every third Thursday of the month at 1 p.m. at Winter Park City Hall, 50 Vasquez Road. The court hears cases such as traffic, parking, animals and other violations of the municipal code. He does not try any civil or criminal offence. Some charges may require a court appearance, while others may be resolved by a fine. If you decide to go to court, you will be charged a court fee of $50.00. Although court officials cannot provide legal advice, answers to procedural questions may be requested. Legal proceedings are governed by state laws, court rules and ordinances of the cities of Fraser and Winter Park. Please check your quote to see if it was issued by the district court or district court. Click here for a quote from the County Court. Fraser/Winter Park Municipal Court is committed to administering justice with equality, fairness and integrity.

Court staff strive to treat those present with respect and dignity. If you represent yourself in court, the Your Day in Court kit can help you properly present and handle all court cases. The City`s Municipal Court serves the residents of Winter Park and Fraser and constantly strives to ensure justice, equality, fairness and integrity.